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(Music) Everblessed – Shout Fire

In a world of great wickedness, you need the Fire of God to go further… You need His Fire to set you on Fire… Great men of God are Fire-rized men, If you must achieve your vision in life ” as a Believer” you must be on Fire for Christ. Shout Fire is a music that God gave me through my experience as a youth in Omega Fire Ministries… it’ s a rap music that comes along with powerfully fire-rized rhymes that could boost you to be on fire for Christ… Shout Fire is not just a casual music but it’ s a mystery that has its dept in the Scriptures… it’ s easy to learn, sing, dance and flow with but has deep revelation from the Scriptures… Don’ t Shout Fire casually, Shout Fire with the mindset that you are calling on God Almighty to take over your battles and Shout with the mindset that you are celebrating and praising God for victory over the battles of life cause our God is a CONSUMING FIRE… God richly bless you as you download and share with everyone, stay blessed and remain Everblessed.

(Music) Everblessed – Shout Fire

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